Sunday, December 06, 2015

DOMINODOMINO at Threewalls

The Great Good Place, an artist project by Brandon Alvendia, is a multi-layered set of collaborative exhibitions which considers the poetic, political, and aesthetic potential of curatorial practice within the setting of everyday life. Tasking artists,independent curators, and collectives based in Chicago with the challenge of outfitting Threewalls’ gallery spaces, the exhibitions within the exhibition will take inspiration from Chicago’s make-do and artist-run culture and reconsider a range of contexts from the one-car garage workshop, the living room sleepover, the backyard bbq blowout, the networking dinner party potluck, the closet office conference, the second bedroom studio visit, to the illegal basement nightclub, all as sites of artistic inquiry.
Participants include (to be continually updated):TRUNK SHOW with Scott WolniakMichelle GrabnerADDS DONNA THE FRANKLIN with Alberto Aguilar, Erik Brown, Michelle Anne Harris, Marc Fischer, Jeremy J. Foy, Josh Ippel, Jaclyn Jacunski, James Jankowiak, Anna Kunz, Melissa Leandro, Ivan Lozano, Matt Nichols, Catie Olson, Josue Pellot, Cole Pierce, Ryan Richey, Christopher Smith, and Alex Tam
D Gallery with Holly Cahill, Greg Cook, Jacob C. Hammes, Kevin Jennings, Andy Moore, Will Staples, Shannon Stratton, Brian Taylor, Olivia Swider, and Erik Wenzel
NEW CAPITALRoots & Culture with Super Sub
Kitchen Space with Spears art space curating Ashley Cook, Elizabeth Weiss, Danny Giles, Caleb Yono, and Jacob Goudreault)
Inside/WithinI Don’t Hate This podcastfilmfrontAnthony StepterLillerne TapesCaitlin Ryan
Ron Ewert

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