Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Seerveld Gallery presents:

Excess of Joy: an exhibition of new work by Edra Soto

Exhibition dates:            February 27 – March 26, 2014
Opening reception:        February 27, 6-8pm (artist talk at 6pm)

The work of Edra Soto strives to form a parallel between the basic materials that the artist uses and her Caribbean, African, Spanish and Anglo-American influences and heritage. Her work tends to draw upon childhood memories and her religious upbringing. Soto aims to create a space of reflection by bringing together a rich environment of images and shapes that were made in a simple and basic manner. 

Along these lines, Excess of Joy depicts portraits as masks, influenced by African and Caribbean imagery. Culturally omnipresent, masks possess the qualities of being protective archetypal devices for either a living organism or a myth. Soto amplifies her moral and emotional concerns by confectioning an image that is made with simple materials: gouache, graphite and paper, and influenced by the symmetrical architecture predominant in ecclesiastic art that the artist frequented during her formative years.

Excess of Joy brings together Soto’s latest drawings and a sound piece: respectively, dual comedy portraits, followed by the sound of Soto’s laughter coming from a record player. Produced in an edition of 250, the artist invites the audience to play the 7” record from a turntable while viewing the exhibition.

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