Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Figure No. 1 & Figure 2

Collaboration with Dan Sullivan
On Making Things Matter
curated by Laura Shaeffer, John Preus and Alberto Aguilar
Southside Hub of Production

The Figures series are representations of shells using a single coil. As the initiator of basic forms for communal gatherings (like cups, vases and plates), the coil materializes my vision of the simplified sculpture, the iconic object and as a symbol, the Caribbean souvenir in a non-satirical disposition. The shells also possess the qualities of being protective devices for either a living organism or a myth.

Approached as an exercise on aesthetics, Figure 2 is a response to a modular box set design by my husband Dan Sullivan (Navillus Woodworks). Dan is a professional designer and fabricator. After collaborating to create The Franklin, Dan and I look to create project to elaborate on our artistic strengths. We initiated a series of events at Dock 6 Collective titled The Design and Art Series (I curated the inaugural exhibition). These events are bi-annual and are an opportunity for us to collaborate. This particular set piece was exhibited at Southside Hub of Production and at Dock 6.

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